Manufacturing Credentials

Orwell Engineering Solutions has been a major supplier to the worldwide float glass manufacturing industry since the early 1960’s, developing precision equipment for float glass lines across the globe.

The Orwell management team all have decades of experience working within this specialised industry and much of the equipment in use today on float glass lines worldwide has been developed in our Liverpool workshops.

Over recent decades, there have been many changes in design, materials and methods of manufacture for float glass to meet the current demand for quality and reliability. Orwell has been instrumental in developing these improvements which have been implemented on plants all around the world.

Orwell Engineering Solutions has a thorough understanding of customers’ requirements and employs best practice procedures in equipment manufacturing, supply and operation.

Turn-key Equipment Supply

Orwell Engineering Solutions specialises in full turn-key equipment supply packages, including plant manufacturing machinery and associated switchgear requirements.


All manufacturing is undertaken on Orwell premises using the latest in engineering technologies thereby ensuring our high standards are maintained. Orwell Engineering Solutions is an approved helium testing company. All water-cooled equipment will be Helium, Hydraulically tested and test certificates issued. X-ray procedure by request.

Commissioning & Supervision

Orwell Engineering Solutions can, in any country of the world, provide site supervision and an equipment commissioning service.

Testing Services

Orwell Engineering Solutions are an approved NDT testing company specialising in:

  • Independent Helium Testing and certifying.
  • Hydraulic Testing and certifying
  • X-ray & Radiography testing and certifying
  • Load testing and certifying
  • Specific tests can be carried out at the client’s request

All equipment is subject to the following testing where applicable.

  • CE coding
  • GOST certification
  • Commodity coding
  • Export coding